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The most interesting aspect of DevOps is the fact that if you ask 3 different DevOps engineers what DevOps is, you will probably receive 5 different answers. There are more philosophies around DevOps than I could count, and most of them are correct because DevOps is actually a large mix of tools, methodologies, ideas and views.

Some say it’s a form of Software Engineering, but I personally believe that DevOps is a lot about bodging. You have to learn how to pry, twist and bend new tools and technologies for your needs. As the name of the blog suggests – this involves trying (and failing) a lot until things work out your way.

You have to have the agility to adapt to new technologies and tools fairly fast, and if you’re a busy DevOps engineer, you’ll soon learn that diving deep into different stuff is going to be a lot harder once you hold an entire set of tools and infrastructures. You have to be very knowledgeable in every aspect of your work, and in other people’s work as well – which can be very challenging.

Your main ambition as a DevOps engineer should be helping your Dev team achieve better results faster while making sure your workload runs reliably. There’s an entire ecosystem you must design, build and maintain to achieve this goal (Virtualization\ Containerization\Orchestration, Monitoring\Alerting\Logging, CI/CD and more).

This blog will contain my personal experience with various technical challenges and how I solved them. My bodge solutions may not work for every case, but they may help understanding some concepts.